Campus21 project news

1st stakeholder workshop in UCC

During 14th of January 2015, the first workshop has been held in Cork for the UCC. The following partners were presented in the workshop UCC, UCC-Insight, Buildings and Estates Office, RPS, Dalkia and UTRC. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • better understanding of complicated business relationships at the demo site level, 
  • better understanding of the needs of the partners,
  • discovering business potentials of the new integrated ICT platform,
  • analysis of risk-benefit-sharing as result of ICT platform implementation,
  • analysis of obstacles in the procurement process

During the workshop, the next canvas was built with the objective of understanding better the business models and exploitation opportunities associated to the ICT solutions offered by the project.

The workshop successfully finished with a set of results, as highlighted below:

  • Current technical systems (lighting, heating, fire alarm, BMS..) have been individually procured resulting in a disjointed procurement process which can impede the integration of the systems.
  • Short warranty terms provided by manufactures impede improved procurement from life cycle view.
  • Obligation to use the Triple-E Product Register may complicate the procurement process as no good tools exist to find approved products.
  • The SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) are pushing ESCo models however the Irish market is to somewhat immature with respect to this models and their financial issues.
  • High energy efficient levels for the UCC could be easily achieved by simple measurements such as avoiding leaking heat (low hanging fruit)  which can impede complicated measures such as implementation of integrated platforms.
  • The integrated platform may successfully be used as decision support tool for facility managers to improve their services and guarantee agreed KPI’s.
  • The integrated platform may successfully be used as decision support tool by the campus owner/operator to decide on procurement options (such as decommission of CHP plant, replacement of the CHP with local boiler in buildings or continue as current contract).