Campus21 project news

2nd stakeholder workshop in Frankfurt

During 26th of January 2015, the second stakeholder workshop has been held in Frankfurt for the Commerzbank Arena. The following partners were presented in the workshop HSG Zander, Facility Manager of the arena and SFM (Stadium Frankfurt Management). The objectives of the workshop are:

  • better understanding of complicated business relationships at the demo site level, 
  • better understanding of the needs of the partners,
  • discovering business potentials of the new integrated ICT platform,
  • analysis of risk-benefit-sharing as result of ICT platform implementation,
  • analysis of obstacles in the procurement process

During the workshop, the next canvas was built with the objective of understanding better the business models and exploitation opportunities associated to the ICT solutions offered by the project.

The workshop was successfully finished and the results were similar to the first stakeholder workshop (link)