Campus21 project news

End of CAMPUS21 project

CAMPUS21 project has officially finished, although there is still pending the last review meeting with the European Commission representatives (Project Officer and reviewers) which will be held in Brussels during the 23rd of June. The aim of the meeting is to present the achievements during the last stage of the project as a whole, but also the results from the individual packages is such period.

  • An IFC4-based DWH to contain the data measurements and an evaluation performance methodology as pre-requisite for new business and procurement models.
  • New business and procurement models
  • A middleware that acts as an ICT-enabler integrator from data-layer and application layer
  • Advanced control systems at zone level, building level and campus level
  • Load balancing tools to increase the energy performance of building facilities

These solutions have been successfully applied in the two demonstrators of the project: UCC campus and Commerzbank Arena. In both cases, the ICT integration, including monitoring and control, mechanical integration (Building Services Systems) and management integration (gap analysis in business and procurement models) have been carried out. Furthermore, the application of the solution in these demos has also provided feedback to the different stakeholders in order to extract the lessons learned.

In this way, the last flyer that summarises the results of the project is being finished and it will published in the Web page soon. Furthermore, the achievements section will be updated once the deliverables are accepted by the European Commission so as to allow anyone to look them up.

Last but not least, the project partners would like to thank each other for the efforts and their support during these years working together.