Evaluation and Monitoring Concept

WP Leader: UCC (IRUSE)

Participants: CARTIF, NEC, TU WIEN


This work package focuses on the development of concepts for monitoring and validation of building performance with an emphasis on Systems Integration Instruments to produce the evidence of energy savings, and total cost of operation.
The as-is status in the different demonstrator campuses is documented and compared to the requirements on future integrated monitoring & control systems (D2.1).
A monitoring concept (and a corresponding data acquisition schema) defining the information required to analyze and evaluate buildings in view of different performance criteria is developed (D2.2, D2.5).
Different infrastructures and data acquisition methods are explored and recommendations for facilities' upgrades are formulated (D2.2, link to WP3).
Tools and methodologies will be deployed at the UCC campus and then validated on other campuses (D2.3).
Collected data before and after monitoring infrastructure upgrades is compared to assess and evaluate the degree of performance improvement (D2.4).

Task 2.1: Assessment of Existing Monitoring Concepts and Infrastructures
This task focuses on the development of concepts for building performance monitoring. UCCNUIC (IRUSE), HSGzander, and Cartif assess the existing monitoring concepts & the monitoring infrastructure available on UCC's Campus and the envisaged Industry Demonstration Campuses. Gaps are identified (TU Wien, UCCNUIC (IRUSE), Cartif). Monitoring requirements from the perspective of the “Process Engineering” and the “IT Specialist” are specified (HSGzander, NEC). An appropriate infrastructure for compiling building performance data is proposed (D2.1), installed and implemented (link to WP3).

Task 2.2: Evaluation Concept, Development of Performance Analysis Tools
The deficits of the existing facilities (D2.1) are mapped to potential improvements (D2.2). This involves the systematic definition of the relevant building performance criteria and cost factors. An initial draft of a matrix for key performance indicators of building is developed (TU Wien, UCCNUIC (IRUSE)). Specifications and guidelines for the implementation of a corresponding data monitoring infrastructure are specified.


The following deliverables document the achievements of this Work Package:

D2.1: Gap Analysis of existing monitoring Concepts & Systems 

D2.2: Monitoring Concept, Draft Performance Evaluation Matrix, and Draft Implementation Guideline 

D2.3: Final Implementation Guideline

Work Package Leader: Prof. Karsten Menzel
University College Cork IRUSE
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.