Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardisation


Participants: HSGZander, NEC


The international EU wide research project Campus 21 aims to inspect Energy Efficient Buildings, with the following main objectives, among others:

  • Development of new business models within the scope of energy efficiency.
  • Evaluation and assessment of buildings and public spaces in regards to their efficiency.
  • Development of integrative energy management systems.
  • Development of a database for energy management systems.
  • Development of a source consideration for energy costs and development of methods for energy efficiency.
  • Development of an acquisition and marketing concept for the system.
  • Development of a standard scheme for implementing an energy management system.

The Campus21 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan developed aims to be a guideline for the whole dissemination and exploitation activities performed in the context of the project. Apart from the dissemination and exploitation strategy, the protection of intellectual property rights is taken into consideration. That means that there exists an structrure to act and mediate if a conflict related to IPR and ownership of results should emerge within the consortium.
Several target groups to achieve a wide dissemination in Campus21 are identified and the subjects and matters of dissemination are also described. The management structures as well as the dissemination activities are defined. Partner roles are also shown.
Concrete dissemination and exploitation actions, according to available results, are published in (other sections of) this Campus21 website.

Taking into account the different skills of the Campus21 partners, shown in the next table, the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan includes the activities that the consortium will undertake during the project, but also after the termination, to ensure a proper adoption and use of the results developed by CAMPUS21 consortium.


The main foundations of the dissemination strategy are:

  • activation of partners and initiation of activities,
  • monitoring of dissemination activities,
  • evaluation of progress,
  • resolving of difficulties, and
  • synchronisation of activities and partners.

Based on the interaction of the above mentioned points and the intrinsic diversity of the scientific, industrial and also public partners of Campus21, a sustainable dissemination concept arises that will be continuously adjusted towards different target groups and distribution channels. The different distribution channels considered by Campus21 dissemination activities, as well and their main target groups in brackets are, among others:

  • Organized Workshops [ICT & Construction sectors stakeholders, Scientific Community]
  • Contributions to Conferences/Workshops [ICT & Construction sectors stakeholders, Scientific Community]
  • EC Dissemination channels: Wiki [Other FP7 participants, EC groups]
  • LinkedIn Discussion Group [Scientific Community, Industrial Stakeholders, General Audience]


The following deliverables and training material describe the achievements regarding Campus21 Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization activities:


D7.1: Dissemination and Exploitation Plan: Pubilc websites, portals and collaboration.
D7.2: Tools for Community of Interest.
D7.3: Standardization Roadmap.

Dissemination Material:

Work Package Leader

César Valmaseda
Fundación CARTIF
Boecillo (Valladolid), Spain
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