NSB 2014 - Jun, 2014

Title of the Conference/Workshop: 10th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics

Location: Lund, Sweden

Dates: 15th-19th June, 2014

url: http://www.nsb2014.se/


Brief description of the conference:

The 10th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics was held in Lund, Sweden, during 15th - 19th of June 2014. This congress was centred in the following topics:

  • Building Envelope Systems
  • Building Materials and Structures
  • Low Energy Buildings
  • Moisture Safety
  • Air-tightness and Air Movement
  • Historical Buildings
  • Retrofitting of Buildings
  • Challenges of the future


Campus21 publications

Monitoring-based dynamically updated occupancy models for predictive building systems control



Knowledge of occupants’ presence and behavior in buildings is of central importance to the implementation efforts concerning predictive building systems control. Specifically, prediction of occupants´ presence in office buildings represents a necessary condition for predicting their interactions with building systems. Implementation of occupancy prediction models in existing buildings can benefit from available occupancy monitoring data. In the present contribution, we focused on the evaluation of monitoring-based probabilistic occupancy models of a single-occupancy office, which are intended to be used for predictive room control. Thereby, we examined various scenarios to process the monitoring occupancy data obtained from this office toward developing stochastic occupancy models. These scenarios differ in terms of the duration and horizon (moving versus static) of the training intervals, as well as the grouping of the week days. To evaluate the stochastic occupancy models, we performed a Monte-Carlo study. Toward this end, a number of evaluation statistics were defined and the monitored and predicted daily profiles of occupancy were compared for individual days as units of observation to obtain the statistics. The results facilitate a discussion of the potential and limitations of occupancy models intended for incorporation in the control logic of buildings.