Modelling Buildings as EcoSystems - The Role of Modelling and Simulation for Optimised Building Operation

Dates: September, 2014

Venue: Vienna

Organizer: EU-FP7 BaaS

Role of Campus21: Contributions

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This workshops was held in conjunction with the 10th European Conference on Product & Process Modelling during 17th September 2014 in Vienna. It was organised by the sister project BaaS and CAMPUS21 contributed with three papers. The workshop treated the topic "Big data in smart building operation".

The workshop comprised five presentations as follows:

  • Performance indicators to evaluate buildings' systems's performance
  • New business model for holistic building management
  • Why and how to assess the quality of building performance data
  • An ICT platform for building analytics
  • Energy simulation for predictive building control

During the workshop, the main results in building operation performance through real-data reached in CAMPUS21 have been highlighted. Moreover, it was taken the opportunity of contributing into the ECPPM'14 with the aim of reaching the widest audience.